Change is a necessity

Stress is one the biggest problems faced by many individuals in world right now. There are many stress busting techniques being used worldwide like Meditation, Yoga, etc. While there’s one specific mention that I want to make is self-help practice with help of self-help books. To be honest, I have read a lot of them. [...]


Eyes – A Short Story

Completing office work, I was waiting for a lift. It was a busy day and I was totally drained. I took my scooter out of the parking gate and there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for me. I was welcomed by a lightening followed by a thunder. It hadn’t started raining yet and I wasn’t [...]

Magic of Rhymes

If someone asks you what are the important things which we need to live on earth, what will you answer? Some might say oxygen or water. Some might say food, shelter and clothing. One might go one step further and will say – ‘One love is all we need’. But is that all we need? I [...]

Do we really need superheroes?

Fantasy fiction is unarguably the most imaginative form of literature. Over the period of time, fantasy has acquired a good position on book shelves and certainly in the hearts of readers. With development of motion pictures, those stories came alive on screen and many of them were well received by audiences. Out of many fantasies, [...]

A city too has a life……

Everybody is aware of the divine nature of Ganga, but it is that same divinity which puts “her” in such place. Ohh……I know it’s just the first line of my first blog and you are already spotting grammatical errors, don’t you? I have deliberately used “her” in sentence referring to Ganga because our beloved Ganga [...]